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May 15, 2023


The Reddbox application was produced by Spero, and I was involved in the research, design and testing of the project in 2023.

"Whether you are a landlord, a homeowner living in your own home or an estate agent – managing a property is time-consuming and sometimes a hassle"

"Reddbox is designed to help homeowners, estate agents, and landlords manage a property and everything in between. Find all your essential documents instantly, search and book property management services easily, quickly locate the invoices and report, track household content warranty, and more…"

During this project, my role was to research, design and test the dashboard and wallet modules.

The main tools used to design this project were Figma, Axure, JIRA and Photoshop 2022. For communication, the team would primarily use Slack.

UX Research

Please see for the results of the project.

UI/UX Design

Reddbox app demo - A smart property manager

User Testing


​If you want to experience using Reddbox, you can download the Google Play and App Store versions.

For information about the company, please see About the Company.

Due to confidentiality, it is not possible to share information about design documents, test cases, high and low fidelity and other documents.


Overall I felt very proud of the final project that myself and my team had developed.

With the ability to constantly sync with my team and reference the application design document, I felt that we were able to stay on track while still being able to switch up parts of the application if need be. For example, the decision to add the dashboard design to something that suits the theme of the application, allowed me to challenge myself in my UI/UX design skills.

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