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September 30, 2020


The main objective of this report is to develop a prototype for psychological industry solutions and conduct a detailed analysis of the functionalities of each module. The focus of this research is on the application of psychology, specifically aimed at addressing the psychological impact resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. The aim is to create a psychological app that caters to the needs of both users and experts, enhancing the overall user experience and interactivity of the application.


User interviews can be referred to by various names such as user studies, website visits, background studies, design studies, and ethnographic research. There are several methods available to collect user data, including usability tests, A/B tests, quantitative surveys, web analysis, interviews, and focus groups.

When our team conceived the idea of designing a psychological application for COVID-19, we identified eight potential users and conducted interviews with them. We carefully organized the conversation script to validate our ideas. After gathering further feedback and validating the concept, we proceeded to design a prototype of the application. Subsequently, we sought the input and suggestions from eight individuals, with each person building upon the changes made by the previous one.

Through this iterative process, our prototype underwent significant improvements in three key areas.


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In conclusion, the design of the psychological application can be enhanced in various aspects through the use of standard technology, tools, and specific equipment, ensuring a high-quality product prototype. By comprehending and analyzing business requirements, Figma facilitates rapid iterations of the product prototype while adhering to design principles and rules for optimal outcomes. Additionally, this approach increases the reusability of product prototypes. Thus, achieving better product design entails considering both product data and interactions as essential factors. Reflecting on this report, the product prototype serves as the foundation, while data and business aspects are its core elements.

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